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Tag: GiftCards

Apple gets ready for the holiday shopping season with new gift cards and uniforms

With the holiday buying season just around the corner, Apple is making a few minor changes to its retail stores to get ready. According to Kelly Hodgkins of MacRumors (and TUAW) the company will be introducing new holiday-colored shirts for employees at the stores for the season. The announcement...

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Retailers' growing relationship with Passbook

Apple's Passbook has had a rocky road. When it was first introduced in iOS 6, it seemed like an excellent idea. You could store all of your loyalty cards, tickets, and other mobile payment items all in one place. But in practice, Passbook hasn't been all that helpful. Not many retailers' loyalty...

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Skype update adds 'e-gifting' to Mac app

There's a new update for Mac users of Skype today. The new update brings two key features: eGifting, allowing you to send a gift of Skype credit to any of your Skype or Facebook friends on their birthday, and one-way SMS without the hassle of verifying your mobile number first. The update also ...

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Square now offers Passbook integration and gift cards

On Sunday, Square CEO Jack Dorsey announced via Twitter that Square now offers the ability to give and use gift cards via iOS's Passbook. The gift card announcement is a unique approach to the industry. Traditional gift cards (electronic or physical) require stores to actually offer a gift card...

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Redeem iTunes gift cards with iTunes 11 and your Mac's camera

One of the coolest iTunes 11 features has got to be the new redemption system. It allows you to scan gift codes using your Mac's camera system. As the screen shot above shows, all you have to do is hold up your iTunes barcode and let your camera do the work. No more laborious typing of barcode-...

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Apple Stores now selling iPad gift cards

Apple has begun selling their signature silver gift cards inside "iPad Gift Card" packaging just in time for the holiday rush. iLounge says that although the cards themselves aren't anything different than the ones I normally get from family as Christmas gifts, they can now be used to purchase an iP...

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iBooks gift cards appear in Apple Stores and Target stores

iLounge reports that Apple has started to sell iBooks-branded iTunes Store gift cards in Apple Stores. I also saw the same gift cards for sale in my local Target store this morning. The gift cards come in US$25 and US$50 denominations and, like other iTunes gift cards, aren't limited to purchasin...

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Gift Redemption by URL

Got an iTunes Giftcard that iTunes doesn't want to recognize? Try using a direct URL to fix the problem. Pop the following URL into your favorite web browser after logging into your iTunes account. (Substitute the actual gift code for the YOURCODEHERE part.) The URL connects to iTunes and attempts t...

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