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Swap a Macbook's glossy display for matte

Users have a love/hate relationship with Apple's glossy displays. Namely, they either love them or they hate them. I haven't used one myself, as I'll be hanging on to my original MacBook Pro until it ceases to work. Until now, shoppers could get either a glossy or matte display with the 15" MacBook...

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Blinded by the light? RadTech's ClearCal may save your eyes

Since Apple made the design decision to forgo glare-free screens on MacBooks, iMacs, and Cinema Displays, a common problem for lots of users is reflection of light off of displays. It seems to be particularly bad if you sit with your back to a window, and it can cause both figurative and literal hea...

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MacBook screen, my thoughts

People seem pretty pleased with the MacBook, though some are still worried about the glossy screen. Is it just one big mirror? Won't it blind you? Isn't change bad? One person went so far as to suggest that anyone who likes the glossy screen is an idiot. Here is the statement that many of you have b...

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