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More iPhone in Canada stuff

Naysayers move along. We love you Canada. We love CNTM--yay Rebecca--especially after the Cylon was replaced by the small orange man. We love Vancouver and Montreal and Hockey and beer with actual alcohol in it. We love Hockey and Anne of Green Gables and Pioneer Quest and $1.05 on the dollar and Ho...

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Canadian iPhone in time for the holidays

Finally. The Canadian iPhone. Joe Maur pointed me to this new iPhone for the Holidays page at the Apple Canada online store. So the wait is over. Soon, you'll be able to pay way too much to Rogers for your very own personal iPhone--although we have yet to find plan specifics. Happy Holidays, Canada...

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Rumors: iPhone to debut in Canada

O Canada, your home and native land True iPhone love will soon command. With glowing hearts you'll see Rogers rise, The True Carrier strong but certainly not free! From far and wide, O Canada, We'll be calling thee. Protégera nos foyers et nos electroniques consumer. O Canada....

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