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Tag: Gold

This gold-plated, Putin-worshiping iPhone is the price of a used car

You can get a whole lot of gaudy decorations for your iPhone, but if you're really looking to add some Russian flair, you can't do much better than a golden portrait of Vladimir Putin. The Supremo Putin -- yes, that's what they actually named this custom iPhone -- comes from Italian luxury retaile...

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Bank of England releases app to show off all its gold bling

The Bank of England has released an interesting educational app called Bank of England Virtual Tour. The app gives users a virtual tour inside the Bank of England via panoramic interactive photos. The coolest part is that it lets you go inside the Bank of England's gold vault. The BoE stores over ...

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'The world's only 7-Star hotel' is giving 24k gold-plated iPads to guests

The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai is often referred to as "the world's only 7-Star hotel." And now you can see why. The hotel has announced that it will be giving 24-carat gold-plated iPads to guests at check-in. The iPad will act as a "virtual concierge" for the hotel's guests, with information lik...

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Got $8 million? Buy an iPad 2 inlaid with gold, diamonds and a dinosaur bone

The iPad is no stranger to the bling culture. But in case you have a few extra million tucked beneath the mattress, Stewart Hughes is offering an iPad 2 that is encased in solid gold, diamonds, some of the oldest rock found in the world and a dinosaur bone. The back is covered with 24-carat g...

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Luxury iPhone 4s, iPads a great idea for well-heeled givers

Looking for a Christmas gift that is so unique that only a handful of people on the planet will find it beneath the Christmas tree? If you happen to have a wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket, then you might want to contact luxury electronics designer Stuart Hughes. Liverpool, UK-based designe...

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No Comment: A diamond-encrusted iPhone 4

So, Apple's free bumper case wasn't enough for you? Do you want to encase your iPhone in something a little more ... erm, maybe "classy" isn't necessarily the word for this one. At any rate, as you can see above, customizer Stuart Hughes has enwrapped this iPhone 4 in over 500 diamonds (totaling ov...

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Analysis: Mobile games aren't worth $5.4 billion

Jeremy Laws at Cabana Mobile has an interesting little analysis up about mobile gaming that claims it may not be as big as it's cracked up to be. Laws says there's no way the mobile gaming market can hold up $5.4 billion, as was reported earlier this year by Juniper Research. Laws looks at the top 1...

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Golden MacBook Pro

Let's say you're a Mac fan with a desire to stand out and way too much money: what do you do? Well gold-plate your MacBook Pro, of course! Computer Choppers has worked up a one-off example MacBook Pro, and will be offering the service commercially in the near future. In addition to gold-plating the...

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Golden iPod

Sure, you can pick up a cute iPod speaker or sweet Baby iPod shirt for Mother's Day, but wouldn't a luxurious 24-karat golden iPod send the "I love you so much Mom that money means nothing" message you really want to deliver? Money won't buy happiness but it can buy you a gold plated iPod. Just &pou...

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