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iPhone devsugar: App Store approval in...one hour?

Approximately one hour after uploading his new application update to iTunes Connect, Bristol-based iPhone developer Rob Jonson of Hobbyist software got the surprise of his week: an official Apple green light. His latest update to his VLC Remote application had been approved and was ready for sale. V...

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Apple adds submission histories to iTunes Connect

iPhone developer Brian Stormont pinged us this morning to share the news that Apple has quietly updated iTunes Connect with a great new feature: Status History. Appearing near recently reviewed items, this option opens a detail table showing how your application has worked its way through the App S...

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App Store Lessons: App Emergencies

Bad things happen. Despite all your user testing, sometimes an iPhone app release hits the wild with unexpected results. I recently heard about one application upgrade that passed Apple review, but that crashed when run on handsets that had a previously installed version of the app. Another app expe...

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Aperture 30 day test drive

I'm not a very good photographer, but I take lots of digital pictures which is why I was interested in checking out Aperture, but I didn't want to plunk down $299. Apple has heard my silent pleas and made a 30 day 'test drive' available for all to download. It is available in English, French, German...

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