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Good news: Apple dominating enterprise activations

Good Technology released its Q4 2012 Device Activation Report (PDF) yesterday, and the news is good for Apple in terms of its dominance of in the enterprise market. But there are some dark clouds on the horizon for the computer company in the form of Android tablets, which are making inroads in...

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iPhone, iPad are tops in enterprise activations

During Tuesday's earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that 94 percent of the Fortune 500 are deploying or testing iOS devices. Now those numbers are being validated by news from enterprise mobility tool provider Good Technology. In an analysis of smartphones and tablets activated by Good's c...

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Good Technology report shows Apple still dominates enterprise activations

Good Technology's quarterly report on device activation statistics among its Fortune 500 clients has been released. Just like previous quarters, the results show a marked dominance of iOS device activations in enterprise environments. In the consumer arena, Android has been running away with the m...

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Q3 enterprise adoption: iPhone slips, Android gains, iPad owns the tablet space

Along with Apple's quarterly results earlier this week, there's another report hitting today that covers a growing segment of the mobile device market: Good Technology's roundup of device activation statistics, compiled from the company's range of Fortune 500 clients that use Good's service to ...

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Good Technology reports blowout quarter for iPhone 4, iPad 2

Good Technology's latest report on enterprise deployment of mobile devices shows that iOS device activations continue to dominate the enterprise sector. Last quarter, iOS devices accounted for just under 70 percent of device activations, with the iPhone retaking the lead from Android activation...

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Good Technology sees boost in iPhone, iPad activations in Q1

A few months ago, enterprise mobile integrator Good Technology reported on the second round of metrics from its device activation data. The story showed strong growth for Android phones; while the iPhone remained in first place, but the curves were getting closer. In the first quarter of this y...

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Good Technology Q4 2010 mobile device report shows huge iPad growth in the enterprise

Back in October the enterprise mobile integration company Good Technology released its first quarterly metrics report covering device activations and overall trends; the report showed extremely strong growth for both iOS and Android handsets, and rapidly shrinking share for Windows Phone and Symbia...

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