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Daily iPad App: Quicklytics is the Analytics client that Google should have made

If you obsess over your website traffic and bemoan the fact that Google doesn't have a decent iOS Analytics client, then you should take a moment to check out Quicklytics. Quicklytics pulls your Google Analytics data and gives you a detailed look at your almost realtime** website traffic in jus...

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Analytics Pro, the app that Google forgot

I'm a Google Analytics geek. I think it's one of the coolest things Google has ever invented. I only have a few websites but I've injected Google Analytics code into all of them so I can track who's viewing my pages, for how long, and where from. Needless to say, I was astonished when I checked Goog...

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First Look: Analytics for iPhone

Google Analytics is a popular and quite useful set of tools for monitoring a web site's traffic and performance. Set up is a snap and the reports are easy to read and flexible. You can create goals, monitor traffic and so on. What more could you want? On-the-go reports via your iPhone? All of your t...

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Widget Watch: Dashalytics

I run a number of personal blogs, and like all bloggers I am obsessed with statistics (who doesn't want to know how unpopular their thoughts about their cats are?). Google Analytics is a great, free service from Google that gathers a number of stats from any website onto which you add Google's magic...

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