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Gmail push notification no longer works with Mail on new iOS devices

Google's Gmail has provided push notification to iOS users through Mail.app for years, but an announced change has taken effect that will leave users with new devices without push notification in the iPhone's native mail app. Google announced in December that the Microsoft Exchange support of...

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Mailplane 2.2 adds several key features

Mailplane, the native Mac app for Gmail and Google Apps email, has been updated to version 2.2, adding several new features and improving on others. Leading the charge is support for the recently-released "Priority Inbox." You can now tell Mailplane to open either your regular inbox, Priority Inbox,...

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Syphir gives you more Gmail filtering options

Syphir first attracted my attention when they announced that they were using OAuth for Gmail (meaning that you did not have to provide your login information to Syphir in order to use it). They have a $3 iPhone app that receives push notifications, but it will work without the app or even if you --...

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Google Apps phone-lock issues with iOS 4

In a strange twist with what appears to be a security issue, users of Google Apps who set up their accounts using the Microsoft Exchange settings (aka ActiveSync) may find that their iPhones have been set to auto-lock in one minute. I confirmed this after reading a comment from TUAW reader BigB w...

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Google Hosted Mail Notifier

I found a widget back in January that did a ho-hum job of checking your Google hosted email (via Google's Apps for Your Domain service), but it doesn't always behave, and for RAM-conscious users a widget simply isn't the way to go. Fortunately, the Google Hosted Mail Notifier has risen to the challe...

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