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Google Hosted Mail Notifier

I found a widget back in January that did a ho-hum job of checking your Google hosted email (via Google's Apps for Your Domain service), but it doesn't always behave, and for RAM-conscious users a widget simply isn't the way to go. Fortunately, the Google Hosted Mail Notifier has risen to the challe...

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Widget Watch: g4me checks Gmail for your Domain

Google Apps for Your Domain is a service from the world's largest search company that allows just about anyone to run the major Google web apps on their own domain. Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar and Google Page Creator can all work for you or your business with a minimal amount of setup (which...

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The official .Mac blog wants you

Here's your chance, folks. The official .Mac Blog has put a call out to its readers. Specifically, they want to know what you want covered on the blog. Are you interested in learning about cool and little-known iWeb tricks? iDisk basics? Why .Mac doesn't offer what Google Apps for Your Domain does? ...

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