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Tag: GoogleCalendar

Sunrise for iPhone adds call, text, email features

Sunrise is a free iPhone app designed to make using Google Calendar easier and, through an innovative user interface that makes good use of gestures, it accomplishes that goal. Now the team at Sunrise Atelier has released version 1.1 of the app, adding new features and better integration with Link...

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Readdle rebrands its Calendar app, adds free version

Readdle expanded its portfolio of excellent apps today with a free version of its popular Calendars app. The free version will replace the paid version of Calendars by Readdle, which is now known as Calendars+. The new, free Calendars by Readdle is a basic calendaring app that lets you manage...

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TUAW'S Daily iPad App: Pocket Informant HD

WebIS Pocket Informant is an advanced PIM that has been around for years, transitioning from the Windows Mobile platform to iOS quite nicely. The iPad version of this calendaring and task management app is particularly notable for its wonderful layout and efficient use of the entire iPad displa...

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Blotter for Mac puts iCal on your desktop

Back when I was in corporate America, an annual tradition was to order new calendars for the desk. I preferred the "day at a glance" type, but many of my fellow wage slaves liked these large desk blotter calendars that displayed a full month. Now there's a Mac app from WireLoad, Blotter (US$9.9...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: CalendarBar

For most office-bound people, checking their calendar is one of the biggest chores of the electronic world. On the Mac, we've got many great options for managing calendars, including iCal, but what about a fast way to check your schedule from your desktop? That's where CalendarBar comes in. T...

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Fluid lets you embed webpages as your desktop or in menu bar

I refer to my calendar a lot during the day, but I don't always have my calendar program running. Most of the time I just want to glance at something to confirm the time/date of an upcoming event, or just double check a date: "What is the last Sunday in May? Oh right, the 30th." It occurred to me...

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New Mobile Google Calendar on the iPhone too

Hot on the heels of the new version of Gmail Mobile for the iPhone comes a new mobile version of Google Calendar leveraging some of the same technology. The previous iteration was frustratingly feature-poor, allowing you only to view your appointments and add new ones using a natural language interf...

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BusyMac announces BusyCal

BusyMac, makers of the awesome BusySync, has just announced its newest offering: BusyCal. BusySync is a great way to share and sync calendars across a LAN and sync with Google Calendar. BusyCal is a calendar application with the BusySync technology baked in. The screenshots have BusyCal looking very...

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CalDAV support comes to Google Calendar

I'm a pretty big user of Google Calendar, because I like how I can automatically sync it with my BlackBerry. The problem for me has been that on my desktop, I really prefer iCal's interface. Syncing the two can be cumbersome. We've written about third-party programs that can sync iCal and gCal toget...

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BusySync 2 to include Google Calendar to iCal capability

If you're iCal-based for your scheduling needs and you want to share calendars with family or colleagues, you're probably already hip to BusySync and the delights of iCal syncing Mac-to-Mac without a .Mac account. Now the BusySync team has announced a key feature for 2.0, shipping in February: Goog...

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TUAW Tip: Google Calendar works well on your iPhone

Yesterday my co-blogger Dave Caolo was lamenting the fact that there's no easy way to get his iPhone and Google Calendar to sync (although purchasing Spanning Sync is certainly an option). While it is true that the iPhone's Calendar app only syncs with iCal on a Mac (or, via this trick, Entourage...

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Plaxo 3.0 is available

Plaxo is an online address book and calendar manager that can synchronize your information between Outlook, Google, Yahoo!, AIM, your Apple apps and more. Today they released version 3.0 which includes a number of improvements, like: Google Calendar synchronization Calender "countdowns" to imp...

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Google Notifier update brings 'Quick Add to Calendar' right-click menu

A recent update to the official Google Notifier app has added a slick (and apparently Mac-only) feature that should make it easier to add events to Google Calendar while you work. A new "Quick Add to Google Calendar" contextal menu item does exactly what you might think - it allows you to right-c...

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Spanning Sync for iCal and Google Calendar goes 1.0, announces pricing

We've mentioned Spanning Sync, the first utility to truly sync iCal and Google Calendar, once or twice before, but until today it's been in that 'beta' status that's such a hit with the kids these days. As of this morning, however, beta is no more, for Spanning Sync has reached full 1.0 status and...

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Spanning Sync about to go 1.0

Spanning Sync, the bi-directional syncing utility for iCal and Google Calendar we've been covering, has released public beta v1.0b16 on their blog. Aside from the typical fixes and updates, the more significant announcement here is the possibility that this might be the final beta before going 1.0. ...

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