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Don't want Google search but still want Gadgets? No problem

I'll admit that I was a fan of Google Desktop at first, what with the rapid browser previews of searched email and the ability to crunch through web histories and past searches. Over time, unfortunately, GD's reindexing began to feel a mite sluggish, and I eventually regretfully uninstalled it in th...

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Google Desktop updated to 1.1

Got search? The Mac version of Google's desktop search tool was recently updated to version 1.1, adding support for nine languages (ausgezeichnet! ???????) and improving performance. My personal most-annoying bug, and the reason I stopped using Google Desktop -- the 'accidental double-tap of the com...

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TUAW Desktop of the Week

This week's TUAW Desktop hails from Flickr user form953, who has managed to turn both Dashboard and the Dock more or less Inside Out. The iStat pro widget is running in Development Mode, which is what allows it to live on the Desktop, separate from the Dashboard. I'm not entirely sure how form953...

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Gruber begins dissection of Google Desktop

In our sneak peak at the new Google Desktop for Mac, Scott wondered at Google's use of a proprietary installer. Like many Mac users, I get annoyed at installers, though I understand that sometimes they are necessary. Similarly concerned, John Gruber at Daring Fireball performed a test install and th...

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Google Desktop for the Mac 1.0

Today Google announced the availability of Google Desktop for the Mac (download now available from Google's Mac OS X software page). What's Google Desktop, you ask? It is an application from Google, which indexes the contents of your hard drive (including applications, most files, PDFs, as well as...

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