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Google Mobile app for iOS gets major revamp, new name

Google has released a major update to the Google Mobile app for iOS, with new features and a new name -- Google Search for iPhone (free). The app has a completely redesigned user interface, and according to the developers, they've improved fast app-switching support. Multi-touch gestures have...

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Google Goggles for iPhone recognizes ads, solves Sudoku puzzles

Your iPhone just got a little bit smarter thanks to some help from Google. As reported by MacStories, a new version of the Google Goggles component of the iPhone Google Mobile App is available for downloading, and this update does something pretty impressive -- it can help you solve those pesky Sud...

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Delicious Library may regain iPhone support... sort of

Once upon a time, Delicious Library was available for the iPhone, and it was quickly yanked from the App Store due to infringing upon Amazon's API TOS. I learned all of this after recently purchasing the fantastic OS X application, and then wondering why it didn't have an accompanying iPhone app. S...

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Google Goggles image recognition debuts on iPhone

Android users have been enjoying Google Goggles for a while; now, the image recognition feature has made it over to the iPhone. The first hints that GG would make the leap to iPhone came back in August, and we're glad to see it here now. Google Goggles delivers the kind of visual product sear...

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iPhone users may soon be putting on their Google Goggles

If iPhone owners are sometimes susceptible to a wee bit of Android envy, one reason might be Google Goggles. If you're not familiar with the Android app, Google Goggles uses pictures from your mobile phone to search the Web. Point your phone's camera at a Russian restaurant menu, and it is t...

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