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Tag: GoogleVideo

Playing Google Video on iPhone

Sure, we'd all love to watch Flash-based videos on the iPhone, but until Apple actually implements Flash in MobileSafari, everything but YouTube (with its builtin player) is off limits. Or is it? Check out this little trick, in which you can use the "Download for Video iPod" option on Google video ...

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Flash Video Downloader

In one of our previous Ask TUAW columns we addressed a question about downloading Flash videos from sites like YouTube and Google Video. We mentioned several shareware programs to do this including TubeSock and yFlicks, however recently a free solution has come to my attention called simply the Fla...

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Apple and Google in talks about iTV

Steven Levy, writing for Newsweek, reports that Apple and Google are in talks to bring Google Video to the Apple iTV (which, of course, is that forthcoming Apple product that will allow you to stream all sorts of content from your Mac to your TV). Now, there is no word on whether the talks are limit...

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That awesome OK Go video is in the iTMS

OK Go is a pretty rocking little band signed to a major label, but they release their videos using the grassroots goodness of the internets like YouTube and Google Video. Their latest craze is the video for a song called Here It Goes Again, and it's the work of pure genius. While the video is of cou...

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Google Video player for Mac

Lookie here, Google has released Google Video player, a stand alone application that plays, you guessed it, videos from Google Video. Features include: Browse videos via thumbnails skip anywhere in the video full screen mode Thanks, shrimp....

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Found Footage: Andy Hertzfeld at Google

Andy Hertzfeld, the first Mac programmer ever, was recently at Google's New York City offices (which they keep very dark it would seem). He was there to give a talk about his book, Revolution in the Valley (which is based on his website Oddly enough, the talk found its way onto ...

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Apple employee gets fired for hilarious standup/poetry routine

I love the 'six degrees of everything' effect of the world wide web. I especially love it on a Sunday morning that is the second day of my spring break, as I have the time to check out this hilarious video of a standup/poetry routing from a talent show on the Apple Campus (thanks to TUAW commenter ...

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Widget Watch: Google Music Video

This Google Music Video widget sounds pretty slick: it pulls song information out of iTunes and searches Google Video for any related videos. I haven't tried it, but with everything that YouTube is able to get away with, I think it'd be a good idea if the author could add support for searching thei...

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Found Footage: Imagine the Possibilities

This funny edit of the Intel Mac ad found via Digital Backcountry. Be sure to watch the whole thing......

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