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Tag: GriffinTechnology

Griffin shows off MultiDock, a USB charging station for everything

I've got five devices that I must charge on a daily basis via USB. That might sound like a lot, but I know of plenty of people who have many, many more USB devices they're charging constantly. Those people might want to check out the newest MultiDock from Griffin that the company just unveiled tod...

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Review: Griffin Survivor + Catalyst waterproof iPhone 5 case

The Griffin Survivor + Catalyst waterproof case (US$69.99) is said to keep your iPhone dry up to 3 meters deep in water and protect your iPhone from drops from a height of 2 meters or less. On a day-to-day basis I don't use a case for my iPhone. However, there have been plenty of occasions when I...

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Parenting Tip: Protecting your iOS device from bumps, bruises and bashes

Having a naked iPhone or iPad around kids means living in constant fear of one of them snagging the device and dropping smashing it on the floor. Though the iPhone and iPad are lovely devices when they are undressed, parents who want to keep their devices in pristine condition would be wise to a...

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Griffin brings Papernomad's durable eco-friendly sleeves to North America

As TUAW's official case-tester-in-chief, I've seen cases and sleeves for iPhones, iPads and Macs made out of just about every material under the sun. There are those beautiful wood and leather cases, and some crafted from aluminum and other materials, but the vast majority are made of some sort...

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Griffin Lightning Connector cables available next week

Just in time for the holiday buying season, a lot of new cables and accessories featuring Apple's new Lightning Connector are starting to appear. Griffin announced four new Lightning cables yesterday that will be available next week. The first is the US$24.99 4' coiled USB to Lightning Cable,...

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Griffin's Kiosk iPad mount now available

If you've been thinking about using an iPad for a customer kiosk in your business, but haven't figured out how to secure it, Griffin's new Kiosk may be just the solution. The Kiosk comes in two versions -- the Floor Mount (US$299), which screws into a floor and lifts the iPad to 47.5" above f...

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Griffin announces StudioConnect Audio/MIDI interface for iPad

Musicians have another audio and MIDI interface to choose from when they're looking for a way to connect a guitar, bass or MIDI instrument to an iPad. The new StudioConnect Audio/MIDI interface for iPad (US$149.99) was announced by Griffin Technology today, and it adds a sleek looking dock to the ...

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Griffin TechSafe Locking Case + Cable Lock keeps your iPad 2 secure

Mobile devices like the iPad, the iPhone, and the iPod touch have one unfortunate trait in common -- they're very easy for someone to steal. With the great demand for the iPad 2, you will want to keep it locked away somewhere or take it with you everywhere just to keep thieving hands off of the...

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Griffin IntelliCase: A great Smart Cover alternative for iPad 2

TUAW reviews a lot of iPad cases. That's made me somewhat jaded about new cases, and when Griffin Technology pitched me on the new IntelliCase for iPad 2 I was a bit on the skeptical side. After using this case for a few days, however, I've changed my mind -- the IntelliCase (US$59.99) is an ex...

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Griffin Stompbox -- a pedalboard for your virtual effects pedals

You wouldn't necessarily associate Griffin Technology with the latest and greatest in music technology, but having teamed up with Frontier Design Group -- developers of the iShred LIVE virtual guitar effects app -- Griffin has released one of the first accessory pedalboards to complete your vir...

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Griffin StompBox multi-function foot controller for iOS devices

Griffin has announced a new 4-button foot controller that works with iOS devices. The Griffin StompBox (US$99.99) was developed to work with the Frontier Design iShred LIVE iOS app (Free), making it easy for musicians to switch effects with the StompBox with a tap of a foot. The StompBox is p...

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Griffin Tech's Beacon: A highly customizable universal remote

Griffin debuted an early version of the Beacon at CES, but it has only recently become available for sale. The Beacon is another iOS-controllable IR blaster combo to control all your audio/video components. Like the UnityRemote, there's a Bluetooth IR blaster. Unlike the UnityRemote, however, G...

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Video demo of the Griffin StompBox

TUAW music blogger Matt Tinsley covered the details of Griffin Technology's StompBox product earlier today, but here's a video we shot at CES to show you how it works when playing guitar. Griffin made the cable especially for the StompBox, designed by a guitarist and called the GuitarConnectCable...

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Griffin CarTrip will track efficiency and show diagnostic reports (video)

We mentioned the CarTrip when they announced it earlier in the week, but after seeing this thing in person at CES, I really want one. Primarily because the device will allow you to clear the stupid "check engine" light in most cars made after 1996 with an ODB-II port. You see, the CarTrip features ...

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Review: Griffin Loop for the iPad

Griffin Technology is known for making handy accessories for the Mac and iPod/iPhones. The MacBook Pro that I am using to write this article is currently supported by the Griffin iCurve (which was later replaced with the Elevator), which I've been using for about 6 years now. When I saw the Loop...

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