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Apple updates Human Interface Guidelines for Leopard

With all the hysteria of the Macworld taking precedence last week, it appears that Apple slipped out a not-so-insignificant update to the OS X Human Interface Guidelines. After a fairly stagnant revision history in the last few years, the much-discussed 'UI Bible' (and I use the term loosely) has be...

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iPhone GUI Inconsistencies: Take 1

The iPhone offers many ways to send mail. Unfortunately, consistency is not the strong point here. You'd imagine Apple would have designed a single universally recognized "compose email" button and placed it more-or-less in the same place for each application. You'd be wrong. Here's a quick run-dow...

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My highschool chemistry teacher was fond of saying, 'Gentlemen, we must seek isotropy.' This was his little way of telling us that we should all be on the same page, going in the same direction if you will. The Apple Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) used to serve as a one stop shop for developers se...

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