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Hackinations: That Firefox full-screen thing

Got dual monitors? Have Firefox installed? Go ahead an open a browser window and then do this. Either click F11 or choose View > Full Screen (Command-Shift-F). Firefox then does something that Lion users have been clamoring for. It creates a Lion-style full-screen presentation, complete...

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Hackinations: How to bring the spring back into TextEdit's step

TextEdit on Lion has version control coming out of its ears, vertical layout for Eastern languages, and improved toolbars. It's got some really great forward-looking features. It also is slow as a hungover mule carrying ten sacks of potatoes. Launching the file open dialog takes countable sec...

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Hackinations: Figuring out "Duplicate Exactly"

Today, the TUAW backchannels were having a fine old time exploring all the new options built into Finder. Most of the features are pretty obvious in what they do. For example, hold down the Shift key while opening the Go menu to discover the Select Startup Disk on Desktop option. Hold down th...

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Hackinations: 5 really good Lion tweaks

Lion. We love the OS. We hate a few tiny details. Here are five extremely handy Lion tweaks that can improve your day-to-day use. Enable each by typing the supplied commands into Terminal. 1. Turn off those #*%(ing zooming windows Launch Safari or TextEdit and then hit Command-N a few times. ...

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Hackinations: Making any OS X app full-screenable in Lion

Today, Steve Sande begged me to add a full-screen button to Colloquy. He offered me chocolate and kittens, neither of which is particularly good for me. But he's a good guy and I like him and his wife so I went ahead and figured this out. [Editor's note: Actually, she was offered chocolate-covered...

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