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Haiku Deck's web app drops its invite requirement, goes free to use for all

Recently Haiku Deck launched an invite-only web app version of its powerful presentation-creation app. It allows users to build presentations online and then pull them up on their iPads for updating/presenting at a later date. The initial trial period has been a success, so the company is opening ...

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Haiku Deck updates iPad app, launches web-based cloud version

Making presentations is a harsh reality of modern business life. Eventually you'll have to use PowerPoint or Keynote to sell your ideas. But there are alternatives for people who find those presentation options heavy handed and difficult to use. For more than 800,000 iPad users, the go-to alternat...

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Friday Favorite: Haiku Deck for iPad concocts instant presentations

If long-suffering Dunkin' Donuts franchise owner Fred the Baker had decided to get an office job, chances are his early morning grumble would have been "Time to make the PowerPoint." Doing decks is part of every organization, from the military to not-for-profits to businesses of all sizes; even...

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