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Eton BoostTurbine 2000 charges your phone, builds arm muscles (updated)

Those of us around the TUAW newsroom are always looking for alternative power sources for our gadgets because we are so dependent on them. Whether it's because of a transformer failure down the street, a widespread outage due to a hurricane, or just because we're nowhere hear a power plug, the ...

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Hand crank charges iPhone, develops muscles

You never know when a major storm will knock out your power and leave you without juice for your phone. Battery packs like the ones from Mophie will let you charge for a short time, but if you are without electricity long enough, you will have to think outside the box to power your phone. Ham...

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Eton FRX3: Emergency power for your iPhone when you need it the most

If there's anything that nature teaches us, it's that our highly technological society is just an extended power outage away from complete chaos. Last fall's Hurricane Sandy left many on the East Coast of the US without power for weeks. No power at the home or office means no power for your iPh...

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