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Tag: HandsOn

Roundup: Hands-on with Apple's new hardware

You probably can't wait to play with all the newly announced Apple hardware that you heard about today, right? Well, you can't, at least not yet. Thankfully, there were plenty of people at the event who did get to go hands-on with the slim and sexy new gadgets, and they can't wait to tell you w...

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Hands on with LookTel Recognizer: Visual recognition through an iOS app

For $10, LookTel Recognizer by IPPLEX offers a brilliant app for anyone with visual impairments. It offers recognition technology that allows iPhones to "learn" objects and speak them back whenever that object appears on-screen (or, more accurately, on-camera) at a later time. From canned goods to ...

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First look: OmniFocus for iPad

Copyright 2010 The Omni Group. All rights reserved. Used with permission. With OmniFocus for iPad just now hitting the App Store, I haven't yet had as much time as I would like to use the application to its fullest potential. My initial interaction has, however, been positive. Costing a rather...

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Hands on with Spider: Bryce Manor HD

On Thursday, iOS developer Tiger Style will release Spider: Bryce Manor HD in App Store. TUAW was lucky enough to get an early peek at this application. Spider was one of the most popular iPhone games of last year, and offers an interactive puzzle where you explore an abandoned mansion as a tin...

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Hands on with OmniGraffle for iPad

Long a Mac desktop staple, OmniGraffle for OS X offers an interactive editor for laying out charts and diagrams. It's a useful tool for planners, managers, and designers. I have not been a serious user of the product, nor do I own the latest OS X version, but I have used the software enough to recog...

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Road tested: The Apple-branded iPad case

I'm going to come right out and say it. I hate the Apple iPad case. I thought I'd like the fact that it protects the iPad and works as a stand. I don't. For US$39, I really thought Apple would deliver a protective case that perfectly augmented the iPad using experience. It didn't. Unfortunatel...

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Cogs for iPhone, a mechanical puzzle game

Cogs is a brilliant game that's had an award-winning run on the PC, and it's due out on the iPhone any day now, say developers Lazy 8. If you like puzzle games, you'll probably see in the trailer above why this one is so fascinating: it takes the old idea of slide puzzles (moving a grid of pieces...

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Ven1 vid1 ja1lbreak1: Hands on with blackra1n

When it came time recently to jailbreak an iPod touch, I decided to take a look at George Hotz's BlackRa1n tethered solution. Unlike the Pwnage approach that creates a custom ipsw (iPhone software) bundle that you install via iTunes, the tethered approach communicates directly with your iPod or iPho...

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Hands-on with the Magic Mouse

Well, I got my Magic Mouse a few days ago, and I've been using it for my everyday tasks for a few days (and I'm still using it), and here are my impressions. Packaging: This packaging is clear, showing the actual Magic Mouse, just like the packaging that Apple has been using recently for ...

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TUAW hands on with CrossOver Games

We posted about the release of CrossOver Games a little while ago -- it's a version of Codeweavers' Windows virtualization software that allows Windows games to be played on OS X and Linux. I grabbed a copy of the software for TUAW, and spent an afternoon running it through its paces. You can chec...

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TUAW Hands On with the Apple Keyboard

Yesterday I took a little trip down to my local Apple Store (the Michigan Ave. store here in Chicago) to check out the Keyboard. That's what Apple is calling their latest engineering marvel-- not the iBoard or the MacBoard, just Keyboard. I got a chance to check out the new iMac, and play with the...

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Engadget gets their hands on the new iMac/keyboard

You've seen the pretty pictures on Apple's iMac webpage, but take a look at these pics Engadget snapped at the Apple event. They got their hands on one of the new iMacs sporting both the wired and wireless keyboard and took a few pics. ...

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Engadget gets hands on with Apple's new AirPort Extreme

While I still need to drop $180 to get an AirPort Extreme Base Station for 'review' from Apple, Engadget just put theirs through its paces. Overall, they found that the obvious upsides were Apple's sleek design and easy-breezy setup thanks to the revamped AirPort Admin Utility 5.0. In the drawbac...

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Engadget gets their hands all over Apple's new gear

The good folks at Engadget were on the scene reporting from the Apple event today. As such they were able to give the new gear a once over thanks to Apple. They checked out the iTV, a 2GB nano, the new iPod, and the iPod shuffle. Head on over and feel the technolust....

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Engadget gets hands on with the Mac Pro

Engadget spends a little time with the new Mac Pros, and has posted some pictures of the experience. Check out the post for some cool pics of the strangely familiar Mac Pro....

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