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Notes Plus is a terrific note taker for iPad

Notes Plus (iPad only, US$9.99) is an app for taking notes. It sounds simple enough, and you'd expect that it's certainly a needed app for people who are drawing, scribbling and writing down anything from lecture notes to making diagrams or designs. Of course, Notes Plus goes far beyond just taki...

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PhatPad offers decent handwriting recognition and numerous sharing options for digital inkers

PhatPad is a note-taking app from PhatWare with a long history that extends back to the early days of Windows Pocket PC. It transitioned to the iOS platform with an iPad app that debuted a few years back. The company is known for its digital inking solutions, which let you write on a tablet device...

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IRISNotes 2 is like a cheap version of Livescribe minus the special paper

Companies have been trying for years to make it easy for users to write on a standard notepad and capture that text in a digital format. I.R.I.S., a company that specializes in optical character recognition software, is back at it again with its new IRISNotes 2 lineup of digital pens. The bat...

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Evernote buys Penultimate app developer Cocoa Box

Evernote is on the move, reporting a US$70 million financing round last week and plans to "grow its user base in new regions, expand its offering into new verticals and enable the company to make strategic acquisitions." One of those strategic acquisitions was just announced -- Evernote has pur...

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PhatPad: a Newton-like note-taking app for iPad

There are so many good note-taking apps out for the iPad that it's hard to believe that someone just came out with one that will probably take the place of the ones we've already installed. That's the case, though, with PhatPad (US$4.99). From PhatWare, a long-time developer of apps for handhelds an...

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Livescribe for Mac gets handwriting recognition thanks to Vision Objects

When it comes to cool tools for the Mac, the Livescribe Pulse smartpen is one of the most innovative. It's a pen that works with special dot paper to capture your handwriting and drawings, and links what you write to what you hear since it also records every word within earshot. All of that informat...

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Apple to include Chinese handwriting recognition in iPhone 2.0

One of our tipsters, Kenneth, pointed us to a Chinese web page (Google translation) showing what appears to be an iPhone running some sort of handwriting recognition geared especially for Chinese characters. According to the post, this is how Apple will integrate Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)...

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Worldwide Newton Conference begins today

The Macworld Expo is coming to a close in San Francisco, but that doesn't mean that the fun is over. The Worldwide Newton Conference begins three days of workshops, information sessions and keynote speeches today. Scheduled activities include a workshop on creating Newton fonts, an update on the Ein...

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