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Rumor: Apple considering HD radio in future devices

Way back two or three years ago, we first heard about some HD radios coming out that would allow for iTunes tagging of songs for later purchase. I guess Apple thought that was a mighty nifty idea, as they later gave similar capability to the latest iPod nano, and the company has recently filed for a...

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Ford to offer iTunes tagging in their cars

Just as 2009 was ending, Ford announced that they'll be offering a new option in their cars for 2010: the ability to "tag" any songs you happen to hear on the radio for later purchase in iTunes. It'll be an option, so it won't come standard in the new Taurus you buy, but if you opt for the HD Radio,...

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HD Radios to allow tagging for later iTunes purchase

Playlist has an interesting story on upcoming HD Radios from Polk and JBL which will feature an iTunes tagging feature. Basically these radios receive the new HD Radio digital audio broadcasts that are starting to be rolled out around the country (and world). Each will have a tag button that you can...

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