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Tag: Healthkit

Apple stock split, an acquisition, missing Maps, and more news for June 9, 2014

A mixed bag of news for this Monday. Apple's stock split took place and the company acquires a social search engine company, but internal issues seem to have kept Maps from gaining new features prior to last week's iOS 8 announcement. Lucky you! Every share of Apple stock you own just became...

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Apple promises $2M to help Bay Area host Super Bowl 50 and more news from June 6, 2014

Friday is usually a slow news day in the tech world, but not today. We have a heapin' helpin' of hot Apple news to serve up: Apple CEO Tim Cook is a huge football fan, being both a supporter of Auburn University's Tigers and a member of the board of directors of the National Football...

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WWDC 2014: HealthKit unveiled as a major part of iOS 8

Apple introduced its much anticipated health app service today at WWDC. The service, named HealthKit, creates a single place on your device where apps can send your health information. Rather than have each app collect these details on your own they can now all draw from one well. You'll be able...

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