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Evernote says goodbye to Hello and Peek

Evernote has announced it will be ending support for its contacts management app Hello on February 7. The company suggests migrate their data to Evernote before then. Here's the email Evernote sent out announcing the closer. As of February 7, 2015, Evernote will discontinue its support for Everno...

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DevJuice: Is your app watching you?

The PRISM project is hitting the news just now, with the Director of National Intelligence issuing statements, and people talking about what privacy means in a free society. This morning, our backchannel discussion about PRISM drifted to the topic of user privacy in apps. Specifically, we've notic...

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Evernote updates Hello with business card scanning, makes Penultimate free

It's a big day for Evernote in the iOS App Store. The developer updated both its Hello contacts manager and Penultimate, the handwriting app it acquired last year. Hello was updated to include business card scanning, a feature that makes creating and updating contacts a breeze. There's also n...

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Evernote Hello for iPhone records faces and contacts

Evernote introduced a new app called Hello that'll help you manage your contacts. Instead of a static list of names and addresses, Hello lets you add context to each person in your contact list. Like Evernote points out, you don't remember a person's name; you remember where you met them and what...

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Flickr Find: name the movies from the iPhone ad

Many people out there are wondering exactly which movies were featured in the iPhone 'Hello' ad. Thanks to Flickr user el frijole you need wonder no more! They took the time not only to upload a screenshot of each movie (and TV show) scene to Flickr but to also took the time to identify the source o...

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Apple posts iPhone 'Hello' ad

We posted about the iPhone ad which appeared last night during the Oscars, but it was no where to be found on Apple's website. Now you can enjoy the ad in glorious QuickTime (HD to boot). I, for one, find it interesting that the word 'iPhone' appears no where in the ad....

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