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iPhone Dev 101: The "Hello World!" app

In the last iPhone Dev 101 post, I told you a little about creating your first project using Xcode; however, in this post, I want to show you how to create your first application that will run in the iPhone simulator. In honor of staying with the classic way of teaching programming, we'll create a "...

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In which, iPhone apps are built

It turns out that creating new GUI iPhone apps is both harder and easier than you expect. Saturday night when the first iPhone UI app proof-of-concept appeared, I was tied up with family. I frantically emailed Mike Rose begging him to get a post out, which, wonderful man that he is, he did. Sunday,...

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Hello World, says iPhone

Those crazy dudes working around the clock to hack the iPhone open have gotten one step closer. Last night, it was posted on the iPhone dev wiki that a hacker named "Nightwatch" had compiled and launched a Hello World application, the first nonstandard application to run on the iPhone. He did this b...

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