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Colleges enthused as iTunes classes go live

There's a pretty high level of excitement flowing from Thursday's arrival of the iTunes U app. Harvard University is now adding its science + cooking lectures from its school of Engineering and Science for what will likely be an interesting public offering. Titles like 'Olive Oil and Viscosity' and...

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University handing out iPhones to freshmen

Abilene Christian University is announcing a pilot program to provide an iPhone or iPod touch to every new student. At first glance, I found myself wondering: if some colleges are providing MacBooks with tuition, doesn't an iPhone seem like a less-expensive attempt to lure new blood? Upon further ...

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All Mac University

Everybody knows that the Mac and higher education are supposed to go together like, well... like two things that go really well together. However, those of us that have spent a lot of time on campus lately realize that is often not the case. At my own university (and the one I recently left), the Ma...

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3 year warranty with Higher Ed. purchases, or not?

A few weeks ago, Apple stuck a message up on their Higher Education store (EU only) stating that due to a new national agreement for Higher Education individual purchases, any Macs purchased from the store would receive three years of parts and labor coverage at no extra cost. When I later purchase...

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