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Looking for tech gift ideas this season? Gazelle's latest survey can give you some hints.

Gazelle is one of the leading consumer electronic trade-in sites on the internet. If you've got electronics to get rid of and need cash, it will often offer you more than the Apple Store or Best Buy or even your local pawn shop. It's got a vested interest in knowing what technology is going to b...

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Get your giving sorted out with Gift Plan

Keeping track of all the holiday shopping and the various recipients of gifts among family and friends is a chore that's just crying out for an app. There are plenty of gift organizers on the App Store, but one of the newest and slickest is Glasshouse Apps' new release Gift Plan. This US$1.99 app gi...

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Great GPS navigation deals for holiday travelers

As the holidays approach we're seeing some very tempting prices on navigation apps for the iPhone. Here are some deals worth considering if you've been waiting for price drops. My favorite app, from Navigon is on sale Black Friday only. The USA version drops to $29.99 from the regular $49.99. The My...

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Report: Apple's inventory woes fixed for holiday shoppers

A number of analysts are expecting inventory shortages to restrict holiday gadget sales. However, Forbes reports that Apple will be able to avoid the pinch. Jason Busch, the founder and Managing Director of advisory firm Azul Partner, expects Apple to keep holiday shoppers happy for three main re...

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Brenthaven: The best computer backpack I've ever seen

The TUAW gang have been searching for great holiday gift ideas and I think I've found one that's been right under my nose for five years. When I bought my brand new PowerBook G4 17" in 2004, I splurged and bought a Brenthaven backpack for it. Back then it cost a good deal more than the usual back...

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Apple SoHo NYC Store open 24/7 until Christmas

Just as the image above states, The Apple Store SoHo is joining the 5th Ave Apple Store in staying open 24 hours a day until Christmas Day, December 25, 2006. The Fifth Ave store is always open 24/7/365, of course, but the SoHo store generally closes at 7pm, 8pm or 9pm (depending on the day). This ...

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The iLounge 2007 iPod Buyers' Guide

Our friends over at iLounge have just released their 2007 iPod Buyers Guide and it's the biggest one yet, weighing in at 180 pages. If you're thinking of buying anything iPod related at all for the holidays, this is the guide to read before you spend your hard earned cash. The guide includes more th...

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