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How to enable Home Sharing on Mac and iOS devices

My wife and I both have an iPhone and a Mac. We also have an Apple TV in our living room. However, sharing our iTunes content (movies, music, books, apps, etc.) between these devices can be tricky, especially since we regularly hot swap our Macs and iPhones for general purposes, depending on what...

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iOS 4.3 spotlight: iTunes Home Sharing

iOS 4.3 is now available for download, and along with it comes iTunes Home Sharing -- the ability to stream your entire iTunes library to your iDevice over Wi-Fi. Previously, you could use Apple's Remote app to control and play an iTunes installation on another computer, but this is different. ...

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Mac 101: Using Home Sharing in iTunes 9

Home Sharing is one of the fantastic new features in iTunes 9, and one that slipped between the cracks in our coverage in the days after the software was released. Sang Tang showed us how to use FireWire to speed up transfers over your network, but this is a basic overview of how Home Sharing wor...

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Using FireWire to help speed up the iTunes Home Sharing process

One of the new features of iTunes 9 is Home Sharing. The feature allows you to manually browse, import, and automatically add iTunes content from up to five authorized computers in your house. While Home Sharing is certainly a welcome feature, it's so slow that you may not live long enough to see al...

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