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No Comment: Cool iPhone dominoes animation

We don't care that the falling phones are CG animated; we don't even care that they have a hypothetical NFC patch on the back. This is a great video that put a smile on our faces. We offer it to you as today's No Comment. It's done by the same studio that inadvertently fooled an NYC TV statio...

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Can you help provide a 'lost iPad' story with a happy ending?

So Greg from Australia contacted me on the tip line with a rather interesting story. While vacationing in Italy, he stumbled across a lost iPad in his hotel. He soon realized that the iPad belonged to Leisha, an American lady in Colorado. He brought it home to Australia so he could try to work ...

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Kottke: iPhone, Wiimote, Newborn accelerometer smackdown

Babies. Wiimotes. iPhones. Sure, they're all cute but how do they perform in an intense gadget-to-gadget comparison for the best accelerometer? Last month, Jason Kotkke put them to the test. The iPhone was the first to fail. A slow or oddly-angled landscape-to-portrait reorientation was enough to t...

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Human Interest: Royal Mail workers lose iPod perk

Today's Apple-related human interest story centers on employees of the UK's Royal Mail. MacWorld UK reports that their communal iPod has been confiscated by management. The iPod was provided by the Royal Mail to improve working conditions at a sorting depot in Newcastle. After one worker loaded a "...

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