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Anomaly Korea creators tease secret game, which you can preorder now

The last time we spoke with the guys from 11 Bit Studios (right before Anomaly Warzone Korea landed), they had plenty of plans for a huge desktop game they were working on (to be available for PC, Mac and Linux). And now, it appears they've announced the title ... sort of. They haven't actually...

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Humble Bundle is back with pay-what-you-want on more great games

The fine folks at the Humble Bundle have posted another big deal for this weekend, and it contains quite a few solid games that we've covered here on TUAW before. By paying whatever you want over the next twelve days, you can get the original Fieldrunners, Bit.Trip Beat, SpaceChem, Uplink, and ...

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Humble Music Bundle shows charity disparity among Mac, Linux and Windows users

I bet that behavioral economists get rather excited when they see pay-what-you-want offers going viral. Assuming the seller is collecting some basic demographic detail, the resulting statistics might deliver some interesting insights into the relative altruism (or discretionary cash reserves) o...

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New Humble bundle offers Frozenbyte games, pay what you want

The folks behind the extremely popular Humble Indie bundles are at it again -- this time, they've assembled a "Humble Frozenbyte Bundle," featuring a pack of games from Finnish game developer Frozenbyte. The real centerpiece here is Trine, an excellent physics-based puzzler/platformer that's do...

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