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ACLU: court document shows how invasive cell phone searches can be

The American Civil Liberties Union stumbled upon a document submitted to the court during a drug investigation headed up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The document lists the data that ICE officials were able to pull off an iPhone, and it's striking how much information that one small ...

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Winter Wake-Up app adjusts your alarms for bad weather

As we settle in for the rest of the long, cold winter, we're just about to hit the time of year where it's most likely you'll hear the two sweetest words in the English language. No, not "cellar door." I'm talking about "snow day." Winter Wake-up is a new app that combines two different usual...

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The Plaza Hotel providing iPads for all guests

The Plaza Hotel in New York City is now providing all guests with iPads both in their rooms and in The Palm Court dining room, according to a report from Luxist. Started in January 2011, the program gives guests complete access to guest services like room service along with the ability to control r...

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Find My iPhone: Questions, answers, and suggestions

Mobile Me's Find My iPhone is a wonderful (relatively) new feature which can help track down your iPhone if it is lost or stolen, but it is not foolproof, and it must be configured before you need it. Q: "Is it true that Find My iPhone does not work if you have 3G turned off or lose your iPhone wher...

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