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iBook Lessons: Style sheets

One of the challenges Steve Sande and I face, when building our ebooks, is to present our manuscripts with reasonable typographic flair. That's harder than you might first think because readers can customize many ebook features, including fonts. In iBooks, they may choose sans-serif Seravek ove...

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You're Our Editor: iBooks Author or ePub for the iBooks store?

Normally we turn to the TUAW Brain Trust for your opinions about hot topics in the news and your predictions about the future of tech. Today, we're switching things up. Instead of asking about where things are going, we're asking you about strategy. Here's the situation: Like many authors, TUAW...

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Kindle and Nook e-readers get massive price cuts

We can't say for sure if the Apple iPad is the cause, but it's a pretty good bet the iPad and the iBook app are part of the problem for Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Both booksellers today dramatically cut the price of their competing e-book readers. Nook started the ball rolling downhill this mor...

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iBooks could be US-only at launch

Apple Australia has published iPad content to their site, and some keen-eyed observers have noticed what's missing. The list of features explained on the site includes much of what we saw yesterday -- Safari, Mail, YouTube, video ... all but iBooks and the iBookstore. Scroll down to the bottom...

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