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Getting in shape with iChat Theater

Whether it's because you're at school or work all day, finding the time and energy to workout is difficult. So, why not make it easier on yourself and find a partner to workout with via iChat Theater? When iChat went Leopard, it included a series of features and enhancements. One of these enhanc...

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CamCamX: Spice up your video chats and get more out of them

For those who want to spice up their video conferences and would like to use their iSight (or other webcam) with more than one application simultaneously, CamCamX might just be the app for you. Offering an old-school UI for mixing movies and images into your video conferences, CamCamX allows you ...

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Leopard's iChat Theater could change the way we do... well, everything

It's things like the iChat Theater page at Apple's Developer site that make me just fine with the delay of Mac OS X Leopard. They say 'good things come to those who wait,' but from what I'm reading at the iChat Theater page, that phrase is more like 'fantastic, amazing and mind-blowing things come...

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Steve reveals 10 features of Leopard for Spring 2007 release

If you're waiting for Leopard, you'll have to cool your heels until Spring 2007, when Apple officially promises the release. To wet your appetite, Apple previewed 10 Leopard features at WWDC today: Time Machine - a new built-in backup system that will back up your entire system and allow you to ...

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