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iPhoto 9.1.2 released

Along with the Snow Leopard Font Upgrade, iPhoto 9.1.2 has just shown up in Software Update. Outside of the usual bug squashing, it brings a few new features and tweaks including new card themes and some enhancements to making photo books. Here's what you'll find in this sizable update: &bull...

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Three reasons iWeb may be doomed

I like iWeb. Apple's website creation tool is easy to use, creates great looking sites, and has been installed on just about every new Mac since 2006. In fact, I've written about iWeb for Take Control Books, and I often recommend iWeb to Mac users who are seeking a powerful website tool but don...

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iMovie '11: The TUAW review

One of the more widely-used members of the iLife suite, iMovie, has been around for quite a while, although the original iMovie hit a dead end with iMovie HD 6 and was reborn as a completely new app as iMovie '08. It's now in version 9.0 as part of iLife '11, and this edition has both new features ...

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iPhoto '11 updated, still not up to par

It's a shame -- iPhoto is likely the most heavily used of all the iLife applications. There are simply more people taking digital pictures than there are using GarageBand or iMovie. iWeb, left languishing by Apple with few updates and no new features, has probably forced people to look elsewhere for...

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Apple releases update to fix iPhoto '11 bugs

Apple has released iPhoto 9.0.1 via Software Update. The update addresses issues that, in extremely rare cases, could result in data loss when upgrading a library from an earlier version of iPhoto. Indeed, many of our readers have complained of such issues and our own Mel Martin wrote about them in ...

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Found Footage: Back to the Mac in an incredibly great 104 seconds

Remember last week's Back to the Mac event where the stunning iLife '11 suite and the jaw-dropping new Macbook Airs were announced? No? Well if you missed it, Lockheed91 has saved you some time and reduced the introduction of the awesome new computers along with the amazing new releases of the in...

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Talkcast tonight, 10pm ET: Mac App Store & more, open phones for developers

There was something for everyone at Wednesday's 'Back to the Mac' event: new hardware, new software, new OS preview and new paradigm for Mac software sales. If you've got an opinion on any of these topics -- and we know you do -- then be sure to join us tonight on the TUAW Talkcast. We're going to b...

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If you don't have Snow Leopard, iLife '11 is a no-no

iLife '09 was certainly moving toward an Intel processor requirement, but iLife '11 has made the transition complete with even tighter requirements. You have to have an Intel-based Mac, of course, and that Mac has to be running Snow Leopard. It's not a giant surprise; things have been slowly rolling...

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iLife, iWork apps to sell individually in Mac App Store

It seems that Apple will sell its iWork and iLife apps individually through the forthcoming Mac App Store. Some keen-eyed observers noticed hints during this week's demonstration, ElectricPig reports. During the demo, you could clearly see GarageBand, iMovie and iPhoto icons among the available a...

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iMovie '11 Trailers feature won't let you spoof Universal trailers

Loyal tipster Tarik sent word that the iMovie '11 Trailers theme using a globe (very similar to the Universal Studios opener) won't allow you to use the word "Universal" in the title. He's currently testing other themes for similar censors, but it looks like Apple didn't want people spoofing Univers...

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After iLife '11 analysis: Uncertain future for iWeb, no future for iDVD

Yesterday's announcement of iLife '11 brought some cool new features across the suite... well, most of the suite anyway. As many people have noticed, only iPhoto, iMovie, and Garage Band were updated. iWeb and iDVD got no love besides small code changes that make them compatible with the new iLif...

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iLife '11 announced, lacks mention of iWeb, iDVD

Apple announced iLife '11 today, available immediately for $49 for those wanting to upgrade an existing iLife suite, or free with the purchase of a new Mac. iLife features overhauls of iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband. Missing from any mention at the "Back to the Mac" event is the fate of iWeb an...

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New GarageBand will match your grooves and teach you how to play guitar

Xander Soren with Apple's product marketing showcased several new features in iLife '11's GarageBand including: Groove matching, termed an automatic "spell checker" for bad rhythm, or as TUAW's Kelly Guimont just observed: "Thanks to GarageBand, your second grader's Christmas concert can sound...

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iMovie '11 features audio editing overhaul, movie trailer creation

Steve Jobs said that the top feature request for iMovie was an overhaul of the audio editing. This is the highlight of the just-announced iMovie as part of iLife '11, with a new audio editing panel with the ability to add effects. Other features include: One-step effects with the ability to...

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iPhoto '11 brings huge updates to printing, full screen, Facebook sharing

Apple has announced a new version of iPhoto in iLife '11, and it brings a boatload of new features to the table, including: Full screen browsing of all Events, Albums, Maps, and pretty much everything else. "Smart" slideshows that use your location information from Places to create dynamic sho...

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