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GIMP 2.8 gets a major facelift

Popular Mac, Linux and Windows image editing app GIMP has been updated to version 2.8. This latest version overhauls the UI to offer a new single window mode that lets users edit images, choose tools and set up docks all within one window. Earlier versions of GIMP had multiple windows for tool ...

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Laminar for iPad is a good Photoshop Touch alternative

I liked Photoshop Touch when I reviewed it earlier this week, but one big issue was the file limitation of 1600 x 1600 pixels. Looking around the App Store, I found an interesting alternative with a similar feature set, Laminar. It runs on the iPad 1 and 2, and best of all, it can load and output h...

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Making the most of for image editing

Inspired by Bear Grylls's (of Discovery's Man vs. Wild) "make the most out of your situation" scenarios, I present you with a tutorial for making the most out of While not as powerful as graphics editing powerhouse Adobe Photoshop, Preview can oftentimes get you from Point A to Point B ...

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Iris: One window image editing for Leopard

After a public beta that started at Macworld Expo 2008, Nolobe today shipped Iris, a new image editing application for Mac OS X. Nolobe is the same company that brings the world Interarchy, a popular advanced FTP client. What separates Iris from the competition is the single-screen user interfa...

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Widget Watch: Photo Drop "10 sec photo editing"

Photo Drop (not to be confused with the photo batch processor we mentioned a while back) is a nifty Dashboard Widget that promises "10 sec. photo editing." Basically, you drag an image file from the Finder and drop it on the widget (in the Dashboard). You're then able to resize or trim the image and...

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Beta Beat: ImageWell v3 beta

ImageWell calls itself the "the free and lean image editor" and it is, indeed, both free and lean. It's one of those apps that "just works" and doesn't try to do more than it should. We're fans of ImageWell here at TUAW. It makes our jobs easier. Recently I noticed that the ImageWell 3 beta was avai...

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Seashore, open source image editor

The Gimp isn't the only open source image editor in town. Seashore may be quite basic in its functionality, but it's pleasant to use and the source code is freely available. Seashore employs many of the tools you're familiar with, like the lasso, marquee tool, smudge, erase, position, paint and mor...

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ImagePlay, an open source, layered image editor

I stumbled across another interesting (and free) image manipulator in Apple's downloads section by the name of ImagePlay. It's actually an open source editor with versions available from Sourceforge for OS X, OS 9 and even Windows, but because of that open-sourceness it doesn't appear to be utilizin...

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