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Over the iMac rainbow

I'm not sure if there are computers in these boxes, but if so, that's a dangerous game. Still, it's probably worth it for the sense of accomplishment you'd feel after pulling something like this off, right? [Photo credit: Imgur]...

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Original Mac team member boots up Mac 512K stored for 30 years (Updated)

Updated: Well, when I make mistakes, I make BIG mistakes. The photos here were taken by 21-year-old grad student Ariel Fink, who posted the photos on Reddit -- which were then retweeted by Chris Espinosa. For some reason, I don't remember seeing an "RT" on the tweet, and looking at the Reddit gall...

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Official Imgur app for iOS hits the App Store

Rejoice, Imgur fans. A few weeks after Imgur CEO Alan Schaaf intimated that an official app for iOS was on the way, the day has finally come. Imgur for iOS was recently released and gives fans of the photo-sharing site an easy way to upload photos on the go and keep up with the latest viral photos m...

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Imgur CEO hopes official iPhone app will launch in a few weeks

Chances are that you've stumbled upon photos on Imgur before, even if you're not familiar with the site itself. Imgur is an extremely popular and free photo-sharing site that quickly grew in popularity thanks to social media sites like Reddit. It also helps that the site, which now generates upwards...

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Popup Window for OS X

Popup Window (US$5.99) provides an organizer utility for your desktop, enabling you to stick folders onto the edges of your screen and fold them in and out on demand. I loved the idea of this app although I ran into several problems when actually using it. The app is meant for anyone who need...

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