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Want to upload 720p movies from iPhone 4? Try Pixelpipe

If you were disappointed that you can't upload full 720p video from your iPhone 4 to YouTube without transferring it to a computer first, then check out the latest update to the free app Pixelpipe. While there has been some speculation over whether app developers would be able to access the full-...

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Video shot and edited entirely on an iPhone 4

It had to happen eventually. Here's the first (that we know of) movie shot and edited entirely on an iPhone 4. Two years ago we saw a music video that was shot with a jailbroken iPhone and Cycorder. Of course, the iPhone 4 ups the ante with HD video and iMovie for iPhone. Director Michael Koerbel...

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YouTube uploads from iPhone 4 are downsized

Updated 5:50pm: Commenters are right, emailing the video from your iPhone has the same size restriction. The original version of this post had the correct info, but an editing error mixed up the email limitation. Yesterday when we posted that iMovie for iPhone 4 was available on the App Store, we...

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iMovie for iPhone 4 is now available

iMovie for iPhone 4 arrived on the App Store tonight, just hours before the official 7:00am launch of the iPhone 4. As promised during the WWDC keynote, the iMovie app brings the ability to edit and share videos directly to the iPhone. From transitions to titles, to adding background music to your c...

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