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Incase Compact Backpack: Perfect for daily life with a 15-inch MacBook Pro

The Incase Compact Backpack (US$79.95) has been a surprisingly pleasant and functional addition to my commuting around the city with my 15-inch MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, my MacBook Pro doesn't fit in my beloved Jost leather satchel. So, previously, I'd sling the satchel over my shoulder and put...

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Incase Convertible Magazine Jacket for iPad review: Smart Cover without the iPad 2

I cannot imagine using my iPad without a case. It's not that I'm paranoid about protecting it so much as I just find it very difficult to type on without some sort of prop. Perhaps how I use my iPad is unusual: I draft blog posts on it, use it to keep notes in meetings, and use it a lot in the ...

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Taking a stand on iPad stands

I love the iPad. I really do. Getting a good iPad stand, however, can be a daunting proposition. There are a lot of varieties, things you can buy, things you can convert. It's pretty clear to me that for a lot of iPad use, a stand is mandatory. I don't think the iPad is a one-hander. It gets heav...

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Ask TUAW: Target disk mode, iPhoto library, upgrading an iMac hard drive, gifts for a recent Mac convert and more

Hello and welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. We hope you had a great Thanksgiving! This week we've got more questions from readers, such as using Target Disk Mode, moving your iPhoto library to an external drive, putting a bigger hard drive in an iMac, sharing a Mag...

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iPhone accessory mini-review and gallery: Incase Protective Cover

When I purchase just about any electronic gadget these days, I usually factor in the cost of at least a $20-$30 case to buy right along with it. When I went to purchase my 8GB iPhone Friday night, I considered its price to be $630, not $599; there was no way I was walking out of the Apple Store w...

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Incase hints at new Ripstop Backpack

Incase has posted a couple of teaser shots in their gallery of a new bag on the way, the Ripstop Backpack. Available in July from Apple, this bag looks to be a full-sized backpack that can carry more than just an Apple portable, a magazine and a pack of gum (I kid - I'm a big fan of Incase's stuff)...

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Incase releases exclusive New York commemorative case line

iLounge is reporting that Incase has pulled out all their case-making stops and introduced a complete lineup of cases for Apple products that commemorate New York and some of its major landmarks. To top things off, these cases are exclusive to the new 24/7 5th Avenue Apple Store that opened last we...

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5th Ave cube scratched, leather case in the works

Ok, so maybe it's just a joke, but it's still funny. Macenstein has written an amusing parody post, stating that the NYC cube (which is made of the same material as the iPod's screen) will don a protective case designed by Incase, after receiving a 30-foot scratch over the weekend. Nice one, Macenst...

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