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Roundup of Kickstarter Apple-related projects for 6/22

For many tech startups, Kickstarter is a great way to raise funding and get off the ground. Each week, TUAW takes a close look at recent Apple-related Kickstarter projects for those of you interested in supporting some entrepreneurs who are eager to build the next big thing. Send us information...

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Apple buys former HP campus in Cupertino

In the latest sign of a trend that has been ongoing in the tech industry for more than a decade, Apple has gobbled up another big chunk of land in Cupertino, CA that is being vacated by Hewlett-Packard. Apple recently closed on a deal to buy HP's 98 acre Cupertino campus for an undisclosed price....

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$100,000 prototype laptop stolen from Apple's campus in 2009?

Zirana, a startup company with the goal to make Zirana.com "a one stop shop for all local information" for "residents of small and medium sized towns all across the world," including Cupertino, is reporting that a prototype laptop was stolen from Apple's campus sometime in 2009: Trade Secret Thef...

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TUAW readers: Help us tell Apple what you want in the next iPhone!

Apple's campus is a surreal place to be. You're surrounded by a loop of buildings where some of the most advanced technological innovation is going on behind closed doors. That excitement aside, another great thing about being on campus was being able to dine at Café Mac. Café Mac is ...

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Take a virtual tour of Infinite Loop

Join TUAW as we go on a weekend road trip to Apple's campus at 1 Infinite Loop. No, not really, but we can always take a virtual visit to Apple HQ thanks to Google Maps Street View, now that Google has finally completed their street level photography of Infinite Loop. This allows you to see the b...

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Rogue Amoeba's Paul Kafasis at Infinite Loop

According to Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba, about the same time as he sat down with our very own David Chartier for TUAW Podcast #18, he also gave an interesting interview to the good folks over at Ars Tehnica's Infinite Loop. They talk about Rogue Amoeba's focus on audio, the controversy our own Lau...

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TUAW Video: A Mac Moment with Jacqui Cheng

I sat down with Infinite Loop's Jacqui Cheng, one of our most hated rivals (I kid, I kid). Jacqui tells us about her encounter with Woz, her thoughts about the iPhone, and Apple TV. See? We Apple bloggers are one big happy family (though TUAW is totally better than Infinite Loop)....

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