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First Look: Agile Messenger with push notifications

Agile Messenger was recently updated to support iPhone OS 3.0's push notifications. The obvious comparison will be to BeejiveIM, since they both do the same thing: provide a multi-client chat app offering push notifications on your iPhone. We'll have a hands-on with Beejive later, but this is how Ag...

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Start iChat (or Adium) without logging into services

Have you ever wanted to open iChat or Adium to check a chat log, account setting, or other information, but didn't want to connect to your instant messaging services? Rob Griffiths at Macworld offers a great tip on how you can easily do this, and it won't annoy your online buddies with incessant sig...

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BeeJive Instant Messenger app now available for hefty price

If you used an iPhone before native applications came along, then you may have used BeeJive's web app for instant messaging. BeeJive [iTunes link] has now released a native application for the iPhone/iPod touch. Some of the features of BeeJive for iPhone are: 24/7 connectivity, but easy on batt...

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Adium 1.3 released

Multi-service, open source and free chat client Adium received a new point release tonight, with new features and a redesigned interface for viewing contact information. Adium 1.3 features the following goodies: Get Info Window is now called the "Contact Inspector" The aforementioned Contact...

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