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Photoshop Universal Binary? Not so fast.

I have to admit, I was pretty excited when I saw the screencap of an Adobe order confirmation email above from TUAW reader Craig. Despite Adobe's repeated official refusal [pdf] to do anything for Intel Mac Photoshop users until CS3, it looked like there might be big news on the Photoshop front. A ...

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Widget Watch: miniStat2 v1.81 adds Intel Mac temp, more

While I'm still a bigger fan of the iStat pro widget, miniStat2 definitely wins points for compactness, creativity and for quickly incorporating a monitor for Intel Mac temperatures. Other updates include the ability to change the currently monitored network interface right from Network tab of the w...

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Camino 1.0.1 with security, Java, Keychain updates

Hot on the heels of Firefox releasing a security update, Camino has been bumped to 1.0.1 with mostly security and bug fixes which include: Fixed several critical security issues, including those fixed in version of the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine. Upgraded the bundled Java E...

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New iMac and MacBook Pro (fortunately) void of Intel branding

AdJab was the first to notice something we've all been worrying about since the day Jobs announced the switch to Intel chips: Intel branding on the new Macs, or more specifically: the lack therof. After checking the product sites for the new iMac and MacBook Pro and confirming with a couple of our o...

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