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Replacing iDisk with online storage of your own

With the June 30, 2012 death of Apple's MobileMe service looming just a little over two months away, some Mac users are still wondering what to do to replace one of the keystone pieces of the service -- iDisk. Macworld's Glenn Fleishman provided some tips today on how to replace iDisk with your...

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Iris suspends development, users can upgrade to Acorn for free

I never actually used Iris (my image editor of choice is still Pixelmator), but the one-window image editor released a few years ago certainly had its share of fans. Unfortunately, those fans may be disappointed to hear that Iris' developer, Nolobe, has suspended development on the app. Nolobe's pr...

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Just one more week to get in on The Mac Sale, with discount for TUAW readers

I don't know about you guys, but I can't get enough of these Mac software bundles. Between MacHeist, the MacUpdate bundle, Mac Bundle Box, and even iPhone software bundles, I've got more unused software licenses than I'll ever need or want. Even though I rarely want every piece of software in...

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Old-school FTP gets souped up: Interarchy 9

Interarchy 9, Nolobe's FTP application, is out Friday 1/11 with over 100 new features. We've covered Interarchy in the past, in part because of its old-school cred, but this release has some new-school polish. In addition to the existing support for the usual protocols and Amazon S3 transfers, vers...

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Interarchy 8.5 & Interview

I'm a Transmit fan myself, but we seem to have a house policy of noting updates of the old-school (if you will) Mac FTP client Interarchy. Well it has been bumped to version 8.5, and has a new owner: Nolobe. In addition, TUAW favorite John Gruber has an interview up with Interarchy's original author...

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Interarchy 8.2

Interarchy, the venerable FTP client, has been updated today. Version 8.2 isn't groundbreaking, but it does include a number of nifty new features. The biggest feature, to me, is support for Growl (I do love Growl so). Also added are file converters which can covert files whilst downloading or uploa...

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TAB looks at FTP clients

For anyone involved in the day-to-day running of a website, a good reliable FTP client is vital to getting anything done. But with so many options available for users to choose from, how is a person to decide which client is right for them? Mike over at The Apple Blog provides some assistance in th...

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Interarchy 8.1

Interarchy, an FTP client, has been updated to make it a Universal Binary. Also included in this point release are new Dashboard widgets, support for Amazon S3 (Amazon's online storage solution), and WebDAV support (including iDisk). Check out the full list of new features. A license costs $39....

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