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Tag: InternetTools

Opera hits 300M users, will transition to WebKit this year

Opera, the web browser available for Mac, iOS, PC and Andriod, has reached 300 million monthly users, the company has announced in a press release. Opera Software ASA also notes that the Opera web browser will be transitioning to the WebKit engine in future versions, taking advantage of the p...

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iOS 6: Safari and iCloud Tabs

With iOS 6, Safari gets two features that competing mobile browsers have boasted for some time: tab syncing across multiple devices and a fullscreen viewing mode on the iPhone. iCloud tab syncing is a deceptively simple but powerful feature that integrates the browsing experience across multi...

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IFTTT Recipes: Post to

IFTTT Recipes is a new recurring column featuring recipes developed using and their favorite IFTTT channels. Come see what TUAW bloggers cook up in the IFTTT labs! Wouldn't you like to post (tweet?) to from the Twitter client you already love with no extra effort? IFTTT work...

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Why Google Drive matters but APIs matter more

Today, Google Drive finally made its debut, offering what has become the industry-standard 5GB of free space. Its purchase model is similar to Apple's, Amazon's, and other leaders in this field. We posted earlier about its introduction. Expect to pay US$48/year for 20GB. This is $4/month versus...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me transfer documents

Dear Aunt TUAW, I am a college professor who has all my class prep work stored on USB drives. How may I transfer all these Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents to my iPad? I have the new updates for Numbers, Pages, and Keynote on my iPad 2. Please help an overworked teacher do a better job! Th...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me de-install Pogoplug

Dear Aunt TUAW, My Pogoplug died several months ago. I haven't been using it since then. Today I discovered that it was still launching about a half dozen background processes, for example: 93 ?? 0:03.62 /Applications/Pogoplug/.resources/bin/hbwd /Applications/Pogoplug/.resources/bin/hbadmin. Help ...

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There are some things that you just don't want to send through regular email: your credit card number, your Social Security Number (if you live in the USA), and other messages that you really don't want anyone else to read. A new service and accompanying iPhone app, (US$0.99) provides a ...

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Google brings Instant Previews to iOS 4.0+

Google announced on Tuesday that it added Instant Previews to its mobile search results. Originally a desktop feature, Instant Previews provides users with a glimpse of a website within the search results. It is extremely useful as it lets you see a page from a website without navigating to the...

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Twitter website adds inline App Store previews

Macgasm brings us word that Twitter has expanded the in-page previews on its website to include iOS App Store app details. Although originally designed to do inline previews of made-for-Twitter image services like yfrog and TwitPic, Twitter has been expanding the concept in recent months; it now in...

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Instapaper launches API with innovative business model

Popular iOS app and webservice Instapaper by formerly-of-tumblr Marco Arment today announced a new API offering access to content users have added to their Instapaper account. Instapaper (previous TUAW coverage) is a read-it-later type service born, as so many great apps are, of personal need. Arme...

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Genieo now available for Mac, recognizes your favorite web content

Genieo is now available for the Mac with a unique approach to managing information overload. The developers are interested in a service that learns your preferred topics, your trusted sources and how you find and read information on the web. Genieo then presents you with content you're certain to li...

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Opera 11 for Mac debuts with tab stacking, gestures, extensions and more

Opera 11 for Mac is finally available with all sorts of cool features for you to play with, like "tab stacking," mouse gesture support and extensions. Here's an initial run-down of the major features available in Opera 11 for Mac. Tab stacking is pretty cool. I'm "one of those" people who typical...

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Mac 101: Changing the default web browser in OS X

Apple introduced the Safari browser in January of 2003. Since then, it's matured to include extensions, an RSS reader and even a Windows counterpart. Still, many users prefer another browser. Since Safari is set as the default on every new Mac, you'll have to make the switch manually. Otherwise, Saf...

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TiVo announces iPad app to control TiVo box

If you're like most iPad users, then you probably surf the web and check out IMDB with your iPad while watching anything that might be showing on the television. TiVo knows this, embraces this, and wishes to support this. They want to make the experience between your television and your iPad even cl...

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Use Dropbox to backup a few folders every day

There's a nice little tutorial on Justin Schwalbe's blog for using a simple script to backup a few folders to a Dropbox backup folder every day. Why would you do this? Well, let's say you aren't always able to connect to a hard drive for Time Machine, but you have a couple of document folders you...

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