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New Apple patent sees a future where you adjust your car from your iPhone

Sharing a car with another person, be it a spouse, friend or family member, can be difficult when everyone is a different size. Everyone likes the radio their own way, or they're an inch shorter than you and they move the mirrors. A new patent application filed by Apple seeks to address that proble...

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Apple patent suggests customizable entertainment and console system for your car

Apple has been granted a new patent that could make touchscreen controls safer to use while driving. US Patent No. 8,482,535 is for an in-car, touchscreen telematics system that uses tactile feedback so drivers can change settings without looking down. It would provide more control with less time ...

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Siri and iOS in the Car updates announced at WWDC

The next update to Siri has been announced at WWDC, bringing a new graphical user interface and improved search options. Siri will now show the sound wave of your question as you speak and features a new voice that sounds a little less HAL 9000. Users will have male and female voice options, with ...

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