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TUAW TV Live: In-depth iPad app demos for your viewing pleasure

Thanks for joining me here on TUAW TV Live today. Whether you're just watching the show or taking full advantage of the chat room tool, you're sure to have a lot of fun. Live demonstrations are always a challenge, and today I'm tempting fate by demoing several iPad apps. Provided the technical b...

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Install and run iPad apps on an iPhone easily with iTelePad2Pod

OK, so this comes straight out of the why would you want to do this category, but thanks to the iSmooth Project folks from iJailbreakNow, installing and running iPad-only apps is now possible for the less tech-savvy on a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch. The process involves using an app calle...

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First look: New IUGO iPad games

The video you see here was in my inbox this morning and I really liked what what I saw. IUGO, a long time player in the mobile entertainment arena, is in the process of releasing four new games for the iPad platform. What made these games stand out for me was how well they leveraged the iPad...

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Hands-on with iPad VNC clients

iTeleport lets you connect to your computer remotely using free software provided by iTeleport LLC When you look at VNC clients for the iPad, there are really two uses you have to take into account. First, can the software connect locally, allowing you to screen share your desktop computer? Se...

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First Look: Carter's Encyclopedia of Health and Medicine for iPad

When I first heard about Carter's Encyclopedia of Health and Medicine, I thought: "Why aren't they just publishing this on the iBooks store?" After all, what can an app offer that an actual iBook won't? This video offers some answers. Instead of just a static book, this app provides searchable ...

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First Look: SketchNotes for iPad

When I first heard the idea for SketchNotes, I wasn't really that intrigued -- until I watched this video. Combining a text editor and a drawing tool, SketchNotes brings a nicely conceived idea to the table. On a platform that supports both text entry (via a physical or onscreen keyboard) and t...

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