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Getting ready for fireworks photography with your iPhone

Getting good fireworks photos is a challenge on any camera. Fortunately, Apple has continued to improve the cameras in the iPhone, and some features will help you get impressive fireworks images. When photographing fireworks, your big issues are camera movement and focus. If you have a tripod lik...

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Vacation Coming? Here are my favorite iOS photo apps

It's that time of year. Vacations are likely in your future, and there has never been a bigger choice in apps and utilities to make and share great still photos from your iPhone. Among the multitude of apps I've tested over the years, I have some favorites, so I'm sharing those treasures with you...

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Capturing the "rocket's red glare" of fireworks with your iPhone camera this 4th of July

With the 4th of July holiday rapidly approaching in the US it's time to think of both your backyard and big time municipal fireworks displays, and how to best capture them on your iPhone. The latest generations of cameras on the iPhone have greatly improved, and while still not up to high end DSL...

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Camera Mic uses iPhone mic as shutter-release button

Can't seem to get just the right angle when taking a picture with your iPhone? Then you may want to check out Camera Mic, which turns the microphone on your iPhone or on your headset cable into a shutter-release button. Brought to our attention by Lifehacker, Camera Mic snaps a picture any time you ...

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The New York Times to provide reporters with the iPhone 4

The New York Times is giving their mobile reporters iPhone 4s to shoot video out in the field along with the ability to upload them to NYT servers using Aspera's high-speed file transfer software. Brought to our attention by MacStories, The New York Times' Editorial Director for Video and Television...

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Infinicam gives you a boatload of filters for your iPhone images

It's been almost a year and a half since I took a look at CameraBag, an app that allows you to filter your photos, mimicking classic film cameras from days gone by. Now the creators of CameraBag have stepped the game up with Infinicam. The app can generate an almost unlimited amount of filters to ap...

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Pro Australian photogs have a go at the iPhone camera

There's no question that photography with the iPhone is really catching on. Now, with iPhone 4, the camera quality is up, and people seem to be using it more and more for pictures they want to keep instead of casual snaps. A pro group of photographers, the ACMP (Australian Commercial and Media Ph...

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iChatAgent process shows up in iPhone OS 4.0 -- video conferencing coming?

As expected, Apple didn't introduce any new iPhone hardware today; knowing Steve Jobs & co., they still want to save some surprises when they unveil the 4G iPhone later this summer. Could one of those surprises be a front-facing camera with iChat support? Close TUAW reader AW sent us this s...

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iPhone camera problems and solutions

Apparently some people are reporting problems with the iPhone's camera producing green-tinted pictures. iPhone Atlas suggests that the problem is probably being caused by some defect in the iPhone's automatic white balancing. Fortunately, they also suggest some post-processing solutions with iPhoto...

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