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The Nodus Access Case: It doesn't suck (but it does have micro-suction)

So here's a common dilemma. You've dropped a cool chunk of change on an iPhone or an iPad and you want to protect it from life's bumps and thumps, but you don't like the conventional case options. Perhaps you want something a little more premium-feeling than the traditional plastic. Perhaps it bo...

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A concrete iPhone case, because why not?

Sure. You'd be forgiven for thinking that once we had iPhone cases that double as a weapon we'd have reached our logical limit. We're done! Pack it up boys. All the iPhone cases have been designed. That's what we thought. And then we caught a look at Posh-Projects brand new "Luna" iPhone case, a b...

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Jerry Seinfeld not a fan of iPhone cases

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has created a hilarious web series called Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. It features Jerry driving a vintage car and visiting a coffee shop with a weekly guest. It's funnier than I just made it sound. In a recent episode with Joel Hodgson, creator of Mystery Science Th...

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Spotted at CES: Skech Trax iPhone 4 case

Today, while checking out the variety of iPhone case options available in the iLounge Pavilion at CES, I saw a display that caught my eye: iPhone 4 cases made from recycled bicycle tires. As a Portlander, I am legally obligated* to follow up on any product that is recycled or bike-related, so I...

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Holiday Gift Guide: Accessories for all

Welcome to TUAW's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide! We're here to help you choose the best gifts this holiday season, and once you've received your gifts we'll tell you what apps and accessories we think are best for your new Apple gear. Stay tuned every weekday from now until the end of the year for ...

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Retro iPhone case adds Gordon Gekko style

Miss out on living in the 1980's with the big hair and the white-washed jeans? Don't fret -- now you can bring a little bit of 80's flash to 2011 with this Gordon Gekko-style iPhone case from Thumbs Up. Brought to our attention by Gizmodo, this "80's Phone" iPhone case is carefully designed to make ...

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Skateboard-inspired grip tape wrap for the iPhone 4

Most people I know are keen on keeping their precious iPhones smooth and scratch-free. They opt for ergonomic surfaces that will keep the device looking cool as it's protected, the smooth surface allowing for easy pocket removal when needed. Sometimes, though, that slick surface can cause the phone ...

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Ben & Jerry's stores in Singapore giving away free iPhone cases

Popular ice cream chain Ben & Jerry's is giving away a set of pretty awesome iPhone cases -- but only in Singapore. Customers in that country will be able to trade in four carton tops to stores there and pick up one of 5,000 completely free iPhone covers. You can see what the covers look like a...

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TUAW Braintrust: Choosing an iPhone 4 case

The iPhone 4 bumper/case program has finally launched via Apple's new Case Program application. Now it's decision time. Which case do you choose? If you're like me, you haven't really tested out a lot of these options in real life. I've used the Bumper for the past few weeks and can recommend it....

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Apple announces Bumpers for iPhone 4, gets into the protection biz

During an Apple keynote, it's almost impossible to catch all of the info flooding out of Moscone. One thing we did catch, and then had to search for, was something about "Bumpers." A quick look at the pages on the Apple Web site didn't seem to show anything until I scrolled to the bottom of the ...

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iPhone, encased in leather

Michael sent us news of yet another iPhone case, this one made by Noreve. It looks pretty nice, and it's interesting that they created a flip that goes down instead of up-- they say that the camera is still usable with the case on, which is super nice. The colored cases aren't selling yet, apparentl...

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Louis Vuitton releases first luxury iPhone cases

This wasn't on the iPhone Bingo card, but it should have been. Where there's an extremely coveted gadget, there'll be an extremely expensive luxury case for it. Louis Vuitton has announced a set of four cases for the iPhone: Monogram Canvas, Taiga Leather, Epi Leather and Alligator Skin. The Taiga...

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