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iPhone OS 4.0 Secrets: Hidden iPod application hints at automobile integration

An TUAW informant has slipped us some video showcasing a new application built into iPhone OS 4.0. Apparently bundled with iPods and iPhones, the new application transforms the iPhone screen into a simple remote control which is used to manipulate a menu system that's fed out via a video lead. Th...

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iPhone OS 4 Secrets: Some early glitches reported by devs

Well, it's a few months away from release, so fortunately Apple's engineers will have a chance to fix some bugs that are already being reported by an anonymous tipster. Dave installed 4.0 on his iPhone 3GS and noted that the following items don't work properly: Can't change lock screen or home s...

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iPhone OS 4.0 Secrets: Faces and more in Photos app

Looks like the iPhone OS 4.0 update will bring ever more Desktop-class features into the mobile sphere. An anonymous TUAW tipster has sent in the following photos, showing several new features in action. These include Faces for iPhone, e-mail resizing options, and a kick-ass assets editor that...

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