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Rumor: OS X on the iPod in September

The latest rumor to hit the iPod trail, besides the obviously faked nanos, is that the iPod is headed for an OS X-based system, and that Apple is planning to unify all of their products. This one's actually be floating around for a bit, and at this point, it's almost more of an educated inference th...

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Mailplane plug-in updated for iPhoto '08

Mailplane, the email client that integrates Gmail with Mac OS X, has released v1.5 with an updated iPhoto plug-in that brings compatibility for the new iLife '08 version. This now makes Mailplane's iPhoto plug-in compatible with versions 5, 6 and the new 7, which I prefer calling iPhoto '08 to av...

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Facebook Exporter updated for iPhoto '08

Attention all ye Facebook and iPhoto users: you may feel free to begin using iPhoto '08, now that Facebook has updated their Facebook Exporter plug-in. We first found this plug-in back in March, and while I'm definitely not the most active Facebook user or photo uploader, I don't think anything e...

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Keyword Manager updated for iPhoto '08

While I wasn't exactly dying without Keyword Manager in iPhoto '08 just yet, thanks to its new built-in keyword abilities, I am nonetheless relieved to see that my favorite iPhoto keyword plug-in for power users has just been updated for the latest version. While the major new feature in Keyword ...

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Should Apple have used Cover Flow in iPhoto '08?

TUAW reader o!ivier has posted a mockup to his Flickr account of how he believes the iPhoto '08 Events UI should have been designed. Seeing it as a more natural evolution of what Apple is doing with Mac OS X and their apps (iTunes, Finder in Leopard, etc.), o!ivier believes Apple should have buil...

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iPhoto '08

We know that not everyone is as obsessed about Apple news as we are, so we're going be going through each updated app in iWork '08 and iLife '08 to highlight some of the big ticket new features. We're already done this for iWeb and Garageband, and now it is iPhoto in the spotlight (haha, get it?). ...

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