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B&W Zeppelin Air looks cool, connects via AirPlay

At CES, Bowers & Wilkins announced the Zeppelin Air, its next generation iPhone/iPod speaker dock with AirPlay support. This lovely piece of audio hardware features class D amplifiers, improved bass thanks to Flowport technology and digital signal processing and exceptional performance courtesy...

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iLuv iPhone dock includes "bed shaker"

The iLuv iMM178 shares a lot in common with many iPod docks available in the market today: Play and charge your iPhone or iPod -- check. Alarm clock scheduling based on full-week, weekdays and weekends -- check. Alarm clock with customizable sounds -- check. Alarm clock that vibrates to wa...

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iStones: iPod docks in rock

Sometimes you run across something that you just have to have. Back in the day when I bought my first generation iPod it was a solid machined aluminum "dock." Now my iPod dock lust has found another object; the i-Stones from Brand Incubator. The wabi (right) and sabi (left) are full-fledged docks w...

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DLO TransDock Deluxe for fine automotive iPodding

DLO is shipping yet another iPod dock, but this one is billed as "the world's first luxury iPod car accessory." I don't know exactly what that is supposed to mean, but the TransDock Deluxe does include a RF remote which appears to strap onto your steering wheel for iPod control without removing your...

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Philips AJ300D/37 Docking Entertainment System

We here at TUAW are fans of iPod gadgets, and this new Dock/Alarm clock/Speaker system from Philips looks pretty good. It uses 'wOOx' technology to create impressive sound (according to their website) and includes a remote designed for one handed use. In addition it has dual alarm clock and an FM/A...

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Belkin in desk iPod dock

This is a pretty nifty idea from Belkin, an in-desk iPod dock. Many desks these days come pre-drilled with holes, intended for cable management (e.g. the signal and power cables to your monitor). So Belkin apparently had the bright idea of a line of accessories that would actually fit into these hol...

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Keyspan now shipping TuneView iPod remote

Keyspan announced today that they have started shipping the TuneView for iPod remote control, which features a color LCD screen and utilizes 2-way RF connectivity. Keyspan calls it the "Ultimate Remote Control for iPod," and it does have a few unique features that set it apart from the crowd. The r...

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ViewSonic unveils iPod dock equipped monitors

ViewSonic, the display company that will forever be known to me as 'That one with the 3 mildly creepy birds, has announced an LCD monitor with an integrated iPod dock. Docking your video enabled iPod allows you to play videos right on the monitor, which is pretty sweet. The monitor also functions as...

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Rig of the Day: iMac + T.P. dispenser

We've seen the Atech combination iPod dock/toilet paper dispenser before, but not mounted on an iMac. Good job, Meester Nik. You've mastered divergent thinking. If you'd like to see your own rig featured here, simply upload photos into our group Flickr pool. We select one image to highlight each da...

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DLO begins shipping HomeDock Deluxe

This is what Apple's Universal iPod Dock should do. When connected to your TV, the HomeDock Deluxe by DLO offers on-screen navigation of your iPod's music library (C.K. took a look at the original HomeDock in January). It works with all iPods that have a dock connector, and will also let you watch s...

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Adimos wireless iPod dock

Engadget brings us this Admios wireless iPod from the wilds of CES. In theory, this thing sounds great. It will stream video content from your video enabled iPod to your television using the power of invisible waves. Magic! Sadly, it is proprietary magic. Now, we Apple fans are no strangers to propr...

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