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New iPod game: Bubble Bash

iPod gamers (there's an odd phrase) have got something new to try out. Apple released Bubble Bash this week [iTunes link], a new game for iPod (5th generation) and iPod nano (3rd generation). I played it on my nano and it's fun. Basically, you've got to toss bubbles into bunches of balloons, knocki...

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Apple releases "Lost" iPod game

I've heard many people complain that the plot for "Lost" has seemed to wander off lately. Apparently, it has found its way to the iTunes Store. Apple has released a "Lost" game for iPod [iTunes link]. It features a storyline by the show's writers, familiar settings (like Black Rock and the hatch) an...

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Games coming to Apple TV?

AppleInsider is pointing out some interesting discoveries regarding iTunes 7.1 and the Apple TV. While poking around, they've uncovered some telltale text strings within the application, including, "Are you sure you want to sync games? All existing games on the Apple TV" and "Some of the games in yo...

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Ms. PAC-MAN now available for your iPod

Apple has just released another game for all you iPod gamers out there: Ms. PAC-MAN. The game, which sells for the usual $4.99, features all 256 levels from the original arcade game. You can pick from three different modes of play (one especially suited for the iPod), and you can either listen to yo...

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New iPod Games Released

Apple has brought out the first new iPod games in the iTunes Store since the introduction of games to the iPod back in September. The new games are Sodoku and Royal Solitaire (iTS links), both from Electronic Arts. The Solitaire game features 10 versions, "including Canfield, Klondike, Peaks, Pyrami...

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Apple releases game cheat codes

Oh Apple. You bad, bad company. Instead of making your customers work to excel at iPod games, you go ahead and release cheat codes? Tsk, tsk, tsk. iLounge has an amazingly wrong and unethical article up today, that we at TUAW highly recommend you avoid because none of you are cheaters. And none of ...

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iLounge reviews all iPod games currently available

Our iPod loving friends at iLounge are getting their game on (was that as painful to read as it was to write?). They have reviewed each and every iPod game that is currently available from the iTunes Store. Mahjong does the best with a score of A- while Pac-Mac gets a D+. Check out all the reviews, ...

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Product placement in Hold 'Em for iPod

Ah, the powerful tactic of product placement, in which a real, commercial product is used in a fictional setting (for a fee, of course). Check out the screen grab of Texas Hold 'Em for iPod [iTunes link] that reader Michael sent us. Is that an iPod and iPod HiFi on the bookcase in the background? Wh...

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What makes an iPod game tick

We've already given you our first impressions about buying a game from the iTunes Store, and we even got a video review of Mahjong, but what makes an iPod game an iPod game? That's what Ben Sinclair wanted to know, and he did a little digging to find out. First, he asked Apple if there is any docume...

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